Landlord defends decision to snub tourists and make tiny pub ‘locals only’

Landlord defends decision to snub tourists and make tiny pub 'locals only'

The landlord of a historic pub has defended its ‘locals only’ policy after banning tourists to try and meet Covid guidelines.

The tiny King of Prussia Inn – know as the Proosh to its regulars – is located in picturesque Kingsbridge, Devon.

It currently features an A-board outside which tells holidaymakers they are not welcome inside.

A picture of the sign was previously posted on Twitter by a tourist, DevonLive reports – causing outrage among some online.

But landlord Sara Robertson said she is now starting to get fed up of the constant snaps and tried to explain the policy.

King of Prussia
The pub has a ‘locals only’ sign outside

Further text on the sign reads: ‘Due to restrictions by Boris!! He has made a small pub smaller.

‘Due to the small capacity we can only accommodate our locals.’

Sara, who runs the pub with her partner Tim Newman (who was born and bred in the town), explained that in the first lockdown they tried to politely explain to visitors that they didn’t have room.

But she said nobody would listen.

So now the pub has displayed the ‘locals only’ sign instead.

Sara says the initial picture was captured on a rainy day, and the white chalk explanation of how small the pub is had been washed off.

Sara said: “Unfortunately it went mad on Twitter after a doctor from Nottingham took a picture and posted it.

“All my locals had a go at him and he took the picture down and that was that.

“I get fed up of people taking pictures of the sign all the time. We tried it the polite way in the first lockdown.

“We had a polite notice board but nobody read it.”

Sara explained that the Grade II-listed King of Prussia has several families with three generations who come in together – grandfather, father and son

“We are such a small pub. I’m fine with my regulars. They are here all year round,” she said.

“I don’t think my regulars should have to go without a seat because of visitors. I’m not opposed to them sitting outside.

“We’ve had a few in who asked if they can take a drink outside and we’re fine with that. It’s not because we’re unfriendly, we just don’t have the space.

King of Prussia
The pub has had to restrict access due to Covid

“It’s not my fault the government made all these rules. Now it’s all table service and everyone has to remain at their table.

“We used to have five tables but we’ve taken the pool table out to make room for two more.

“We are already crazy busy running table service. I don’t have time to keep stopping and trying to explain the rules.

“I don’t survive on the holidaymakers who come in and buy one drink – it’s our regulars who come in all-year round who are important to us.

“I know other businesses in the town need the holidaymakers but we are not a tourist business.”

The tables are also needed by locals who play the popular Devon card game of Euchre, and the pub is also popular for dominoes.

It also sponsors the local football and rugby teams.

Sara added: “This pub is ancient – it dates from the 1800s if not before.”