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Plus size African celebrity: curvy stylish female model

Meet this Plus size African celebrity, she is indeed a celebrated African female model, Esther Nagawa popularly known as Esther Nakitende is one super curvy confident model that most can’t help but admire.

Esther is a true example of doing what you love, age, body size family commitments notwithstanding. This sexy mama is a 35 year old proud mother of 3 children, Born & raised in Mukono, Uganda and staying in Toronto, Canada.

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The Plus size African celebrity defined beauty in the following ways while speaking to memoir of a princess, this is what Esther had to say:

“To me beauty is what makes me feel good about myself……beauty is happiness… children are beauty personified, beauty is when I achieve something I thought I could not……beauty is encouraging another woman to feel better about herself.

 Physical beauty is easy to achieve for anyone. We live in a society of makeup, fantastic clothing, shoes, accessories, hair extensions and of course plastic surgery.

It’s how or what you use your beauty for that matters. After all we all know as we age so does our physical appearance.”

Check her out, so stylish! Don’t forget to visit her Instagram page, prepare to be amazed.

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